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Here are 5 more tips from one of the best book trailer producers:

In a previous post — 5 Cinematic Book Trailer Marketing Tipswe discussed excellent ways to recoup production cost and boost book sales, achieving a kick-butt ROI.

Today, we share the remaining five tips.


  1. Upload the video to your Goodreads author page.

–then, put a note at the beginning of your Goodreads Author page telling viewers to scroll down to see the video.

–it will also show up in the right-hand sidebar of your book’s page under About The Author.


–here’s an example of a Goodreads Author page (add boldface by adding <b> at the beginning and </b> at the end).

–here’s an example of a Goodreads book page (look to the right under About Don Sloan).


  1. Post a link in relevant forums (Goodreads, Reddit, Warrior Forum, and other places).

–each video references a link in the YouTube description leading directly to your book

–please mention as producer of the Book Trailer.


  1. Include the link in any Blog Tours in which you may be participating.

–one excellent tour can be found at (scroll down to Book Trailer Blast).


  1. Put the link (and resulting thumbnail video player) in your email “signature”.

–this also generates a miniplayer.


  1. Ask those who have reviewed your book to post the video beside the review on their site.

–you’ll be surprised at how many will do so enthusiastically.


  • BONUS TIP: Send a brief (1-sentence summary, called a “Logline”)) query to this list of Hollywood producers and directors. TRUE STORY: One of our authors sent this trailer off and got a request for a 1-page script treatment within 10 minutes.


That’s it! If you’ve already got a book trailer, try some – or all – of these tactics to maximize your ROI. If you don’t have one yet, let us craft the perfect video to help promote your excellent book!

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