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If you’re thinking of producing a kick-butt book trailer to help draw readers, here are three good things to know:

Key Hack No. 1:

Spend a little money to get the most professional, compelling video trailer you can possibly afford. Best new source:, where, for only a little over a hundred bucks you can get a dynamic, cinematic trailer done that effectively draws new readers to your work. Best new example on the site:

Key Hack No. 2:

Put your trailer link at the bottom of every email you write. This is most effective in queries for guest blog posts and requests for new reviews of your book. For example, I always attach my trailer link to The Sisters as the last line of every note I send out. You never know who might be watching!

Key Hack No. 3:

To the point above: Don’t be afraid to send your trailer — along with a brief note — to Hollywood producers. A fellow author I know got a response within ten minutes of sending his trailer to a producer. The producer wanted a one-page summary right away. This must be in the correct format, however, or you won’t get a second look (I’ll give a sample in my next post). Here’s that author’s trailer, which we produced: And here’s a list of production companies to whom you can send your trailers.

That’s it for today. Keep these marketing ideas handy, and, for heaven’s sake: Keep writing!

Cheers! Don

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