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And, a Long-Form Video Book Trailer

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Video Book Trailers

Book Trailers are a great way to get reviews and boost sales.

We can craft one for you. 

  • Use it to get the attention of megaBloggers with thousands of followers
  • Send it to potential reviewers (this works particularly well)
  • Have book reviewers post it along with your review on their site
  • Send it out far and wide as a FaceBook post or Twitter tweet
  • Go viral on YouTube by getting friends and contacts to share  and comment liberally
  • Use it on your Amazon Author page, with an instant link from your book description
  • Post it on your GoodReads author page, and
  • Send it as a clickable attachment right in the body of your emails.
  • We’ve even had one author who sent his trailer to a Hollywood producer and got a request within 10 minutes for a three-page summary of his book, preparatory to a movie deal

The possibilities are many, and the rewards considerable.

What’s the cost?

The cost is also very reasonable:

Only $99.95 for a professionally produced, 2 to 6-minute, cinematic trailer, like the ones featured above.

We prepare a custom trailer that will, in our professional opinion, present your book in the best possible light for an explosion of new sales.

No two are exactly alike.

Here’s what authors are saying:

“The ability to market my book with the aid of a professionally produced video book trailer has enabled me to get more and better reviews and, frankly, sell many more books.  It is well worth the money, in my opinion.  I tip my hat to Don Sloan and Brilliant Book Trailers.” — Steven Burgauer, Author of Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou & The Grandfather Paradox: a time-travel story

“The work done by Don Sloan is fantastic. Sloan is a great help for authors of all kinds, and especially to those in the self-publishing world. His review services are timely and now he provides yet another great tool for authors through Promotion is key for any author, and having a trailer for your book is not only incredibly helpful in that endeavor, it’s also incredibly awesome. Don Sloan’s services are top tier without a doubt.” — Joshua Landeros, Author of Reverence

“I had seen book trailers before. To be honest, I did not see how a trailer could help me. Brilliant Book Trailers seemed better than the rest, so I took a risk. I was really happy with the result. Everyone I showed it to was impressed. More importantly, it led to an increase in sales almost immediately. Looking back it was a great investment. I will certainly use their services again.” — Murray Eiland, Author of The Sword of Telemon and The Ishtar Cup

Use your trailer right away. Or make a few changes.

If you like your custom book trailer preview, you can begin using it right away. But if you’d like a few changes (like different music or a different format, or different verbiage and images), we can do that, too, subject to the following:

  • We provide two revisions, using our royalty-free library of music, images and sound effects
  • If you want different music or images, you can choose your own (extra fees may apply)
  • View details here

Our goal is to craft the most compelling video trailer for your book. Please give us the opportunity to be of service.

 Please pay, then complete the form below to receive your custom, compelling book trailer.

You will get a confirming email that we received your request, and another letting you know when to expect receipt of your book’s video preview.

The Cost?

The lowest anywhere for a compelling, cinematic book trailer.

Only $99.95

Buy Now with PayPal

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Or, you can take up to six months to pay with PayPal Credit.

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NOTE: Since each book trailer is hand-crafted, during peak times the wait can be up to 3 weeks. Please be patient. Your video will receive special attention and care to make it exactly right.

Got a question? Contact us here.

Please pay, then fill in this form to book your spot in the preview queue. 


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