5 Cinematic Book Trailer Marketing Tips

5 Cinematic Book Trailer Marketing Tips

Cinematic Book Trailer

Here are 5 tips from one of the best book trailer producers:


  1. Put the video link as the last line in brief query letters to potential reviewers.

–this generates a mini YouTube player at the bottom of your note.


  1. Send a note to influential bloggers in your genre (with the video link as the last line).

include the embed code as well as the brief YouTube web address.


  1. Place the link as the last line in a FaceBook post announcing the book trailer.

–also opens a player within the post — very sharable.


  1. Do the same with a Twitter tweet about your book.

–these can be retweeted instantly, tripling your YouTube views.


  1. Upload the video to your Amazon Authors page.

–then put a note at the beginning of your book description page instructing folks to click on your author name to see a new video on your book.

–to boldface the note, put <b> before the NOTE and </b> at the end.

–here’s an example.


  • BONUS TIP: Include a link to the video in press releases to generate widespread buzz on dozens of websites around the world.


That’s it! If you’ve already got a book trailer, try some – or all – of these tactics to maximize your ROI. If you don’t have one yet, let us craft the perfect video to help promote your excellent book!


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