Book Trailer Maker – Best Book Trailers: Here’s a Terrific Strategy to Take Your Book Trailer to the Top of YouTube

Book Trailer Maker – Best Book Trailers: Here’s a Terrific Strategy to Take Your Book Trailer to the Top of YouTube

book trailer maker

book trailer maker


Get the word out!

Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play online casinos. Increased odds for winning! Think your new, glittering book trailer video will zoom to the Trending list in YouTube while you sit back and do nothing?

Think again.

Your book trailer — yes, even those produced by 5-star production companies like — can’t do anything without a good, swift shove from you — and a large number of your friends, relatives and contacts.

Here’s what to do as soon as you get your custom-made book trailer video:

Send out a very brief email with the link to your video as the last line in your text box. This will automatically  generate a small YouTube player (complete with “Play” arrow) at the bottom of your note with the thumbnail image you chose for the video when you uploaded it to your YouTube channel.

Send it far and wide

The email needs to be sent to a minimum of 10 friends, family and contacts you can count on to forward it or cut and paste the video link to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sharing sites.

Then, watch the viral potential of these 21st century platforms kick in.

If all your friends, family and contacts turn around and quickly forward your note — or share it on social media — you’ll notice a sharp, sudden spike in the number of Views your video receives on YouTube.

This carefully orchestrated burst of activity on your part is what will quickly encourage YouTube’s automatic bots to sit up and take notice.

Bots are always on alert

These mindless little subroutines at YouTube are always watching 24/7 for evidence of a popular new video being shared and watched by many.

And that’s what kicks in the automated algorithm that will propel you into the Trending section of YouTube’s home page.

But remember: that doesn’t happen without this concentrated push from you and your network of friends, family and contacts.

The platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are ideal for this. You — along with 10 of your friends, family and contacts — send the link to 10 more friends, family and contact multiple times during a 24-hour period and we guarantee your Most Viewed numbers will soar.

Change it up

You — and your friends, family and contacts — will need to change up the wording of each post a bit each time so the Twitter police don’t pull you over for spamming.

Here are three examples of a Twitter Tweet (Note that each version is careful to stay within the 140-character limit imposed on all posts by Twitter – including the link):

Watch this new great book trailer from author Joshua Landeros about cyborg warriors who want to be human:

Here’s a kick-butt new book trailer about cyborgs who want more than anything to be human. It’s great:

Cyborgs who want to be human. That’s the amazing premise behind Joshua Landeros’ new book trailer. Watch it now:

And the best part is — the length of the video doesn’t matter! That cyborg video runs 2:15 and plays in its entirety — while staying right in Twitter’s window.

Don’t forget the other social media

The same is true of Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact here’s a video that runs well over 5 minutes. And it plays flawlessly from start to finish:

My friend Bill Naser went to Africa last year and got some wonderful shots — up close — of some big beasts:

Take a quick trip to Africa with this terrific video tour — brought to you by photographer Bill Naser:

You’ve never seen such a wide and wild variety of animals! Visit Africa through the lens of photographer Bill Naser:

Get it? Just vary the wording a bit and Tweet away! Of course, you can’t expect to do this more than five or six times in a 24-hour period — but ten people all Tweeting — and reTweeting — your book trailer video at various times of the day will quickly rack up views.

CAUTIONARY NOTE — The main point of this exercise is to get folks to actually WATCH your book trailer production — not just reTweet it. Ask friends and others specifically to do that.

Best of luck in promoting your hard work. And, if you don’t have a truly BRILLIANT book trailer yet, visit us at