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Do Book Trailers Work?

Those of us here at are often asked that simple question. Or a question close to it.

Of course, that’s usually a question asked by someone seeking to discover if their investment of just under $100 for one of our cinematic book trailers will realize an ROI.

Or at least a breakeven point.

We can confidently say that, based on the past experience of our clients — authors just like yourselves — the answer is a resounding yes!

We make some of the best book trailers on the planet (even if we do say so ourselves 🙂

Here’s one with a clickable link for instant ordering at the end:



Or, take a look at this wonderful extended book trailer we created for author Kelly Pellatt, for her excellent self-help book Rise of the Good Wolf:


Visit the book’s Amazon page

To date, that book trailer — even at a length many consider to be too long at 3:59 — has racked up an impressive 270 views in two months, and resulted in a sizable spike in sales for Ms. Pellatt the day after it went live on YouTube.

Kelly didn’t stop there, however.

She uses the video book to great effect by putting the YouTube link in her email signature, where it automatically creates a little mini-player.

Instant advertising.

Of course, one of our most successful trailer has racked up in excess of 2,450 views in a short time. Author Murray Eiland says it attracts a younger demographic to buy his books. Here it is:

In addition. some of our best book trailers have gotten excellent exposure on Twitter, of all places.

Did you know, for example, that you can craft a Tweet entirely within the ridiculously short character limit allowed by Twitter that gives a tease to your book, then opens a YouTube player right beneath it or above it?

Here’s a live shot of how I got a recent jump in sales for my book The Sisters:

There are many other innovative ways to use book trailers, but we’re out of time for now. Look for our next post soon!