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Okay, so you’ve produced a snazzy new book trailer for your Opus Magnus. Now what?

Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play online casino allowed in australia. Increased odds for winning! Well, it would be nice if someone noticed it — and liked it! And reposted it or retweeted it enough to make it achieve “viral” status on YouTube.

That’s just not gonna happen unless you take several very proactive steps to make people aware of your trailer. And you just can’t be subtle about  it.

After all, you worked hard on it — or had someone work hard on it, like — and it’s darned good, even if you do say so yourself!

Here’s Practical Tip No. 1 for Getting Your Book Trailer Noticed

Send a note to a dozen of the biggest book bloggers in your niche (Google “(Your Niche) Blogs” or “Best (Your Niche) Blogs). Here’s an example of what the note should say (substitute your name and links, obviously):


Subject line: A Respectful Request…

Dear Margaret — please check out my newest title: Reverence

It’s about a futuristic police state in which immortal cyborgs want to regain their original human form and join the rebel resistance movement. 

The professionally produced brief Book Trailer is below (make sure the player is set on HD and Full Screen), along with a link to the book’s review on the Publishers Daily Reviews site, and, finally, a link to the book on Amazon.

I can’t, according to Amazon’s latest guidelines, ask for a review. But, if you feel moved to read my book and write one, based on the trailer and the description, I’d be most grateful. Just tell me what format you prefer (.mobi, PDF, or epub) and I’ll send it along.


Josh Landeros

[email protected]

  • Book Title: Reverence
  • Genre: Post Apocalyptic/Science Fiction
  • Amazon ASIN: B01D2A51YY
  • Number of Pages: 334

Book Trailer Link

Book Review Link

Amazon Link


A Few Brief Notes About This Note


  • Use the blogger’s first name, if at all possible. Using something like “Hi there” just reeks of spam.
  • Hyperlink your trailer underneath the book’s title (putting the YouTube link here will generate a mini TV-player at the bottom of your note. Very cool!).
  • Boldface your ultrabrief, TV Guide-style description of your book. Remember, you’ve got to get their attention quickly.
  • Reference your third-party reviews to lend credence and add links to both these and to your book’s sales page (usually your Amazon link or ASIN number).
  •  Finally, add your email address, so they can get back in touch with you.

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