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Totally Free Images

Arresting  and Inspiring Visuals

Here’s a bit of advice to get excellent visuals that are totally Creative Commons and available for use in book trailers — on Google Images. Here’s the process to follow:

Go to the Google Images screen. In the lower right corner, click Settings, then Advanced Search. Type in your search phrase (i.e., “monk in hooded robe”)

Scroll to the bottom and click the dropdown menu on Usage Rights. Then click: Free to use or share, even commercially. Then click Advanced Search.

NOTE: You can only use the images on the long, scrolling page. DON’T use the Related Images that are suggested — they’re usually not Creative Commons.

When you find an image you like, click the View Image tab and Save As.

If you want more options, narrow (or broaden) your search by going all the way back to the original search screen (the one with the Usage Rights dropdown at the bottom.)

Incredible Free Video Clips

Two great sites for free video clips are listed below. Of particular interest are the Motion Graphics on the first site — they are way cool!:

Awesome Music:

A great source of free music searchable by mood or genre or even duration is YouTube Creator Studio:

You can also find some great tracks here. Just remember to credit the source:

Happy video trailering!