Mini Notebook computers Suitable for Using At any place


Follow the links for more details on each product, user review, updated prices and the option to get one for yourselves. On the other hand, these are not meant to run the specialized software you get for Windows. They can run certain Windows/Linux apps, but with a sacrifice in performance and compatibility issues, so don’t get one of these if you need a computer for specific work/school applications that only work on Windows, or for playing games. It was also revealed around the same time that Intel had also sued Psion Teklogix (US & Canada) and Psion in the Federal Court on similar grounds. When the first Asus Eee PC sold over 300,000 units in four months, companies such as Dell and Acer took note and began producing their own inexpensive netbooks.

Plus, the laptop features an intelligent trackpad that will ignore errant palm grazes that send the cursor from one side of the screen to another. There is plenty to like about this mini laptop, especially the price. Small laptops, also known as subnotebooks and ultraportables, are lightweight mobile computers with small dimensions and small screen sizes ranging from 10.1 to 13.3 inches.

Usually, the process is just connecting a cable from your laptop to the monitor, and then configuring the layout of your monitors. You can usually mirror content to both screens, extend your desktop across both screens, or close your laptop and just work on the external monitor. Both laptops and all-in-one PCs are highly portable, and they carry many of the same compromises. Laptops are far more portable since everything you need is in one unit. AIOs are more difficult to travel but they typically have much larger screens.

That’s competitive for what this product is, just make sure it’s capable enough for your needs and you can live with its quirky particularities. The Apple MacBook is perhaps the only significantly different 12-inch notebook without a direct pier within 13-inch models, but it’s also an older product with distinct particularities that won’t cater to everyone. Asus Chromebook C302CA – available for around $400 – a 12-inch convertible with an FHD IPS touchscreen, premium metallic build and backlit keyboard. It’s a slightly older model and only available with 4 GB of RAM (which is Ok for a Chromebook, thanks to their lighter and better-optimized software), but still competitive these days and aggressively priced.

A prebuilt gaming desktop from Dell, HP, Lenovo, or other, smaller PC builders will be larger, but it will also cost about the same amount, perform as well or better, and age more gracefully. A “bare-bones” mini PC comes without memory, storage, or an operating system, so it’s not ready to use out of the box. We like the Asus PN50 bare-bones mini PC because its AMD Ryzen processors offer good enough performance for everything from web browsing to light gaming, and because the PN50 squeezes in all of the ports most people will need . If you’re in the market for a new laptop and you need as compact of an option as possible, one of the mini laptops listed above in this guide should work for you. Whether you’re looking for an affordable mini Chromebook for casual use, a MacBook for work, or a high-end laptop with a 4K display, there’s a mini laptop out there for you. If you need help finding the best small laptop for your needs and budget, let us know in the comments below.

This is another older model, but a slimmer and lighter convertible laptop that only weighs 2.3 lbs, so much easier to carry around. It’s made out of plastic, but is still nicely built and good-looking. It also gets an FHD IPS touchscreen display, and a fairly good non-backlit keyboard. This gets the same kind of 11.6-inch touchscreen display, the same convertible format, the same Intel Gemini Lake hardware platform inside, and a slightly larger 42 Wh battery, which allows it to last a little longer on each charge. Don’t expect premium features or materials in this class, but you will find in here simple and compact computers that can smoothly handle basic everyday tasks , as well as run for quite a few hours on a charge. Weighing just 2.54 pounds and possessing a frame that’s only 0.43 inches thick, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga is an amazingly portable two-in-one device, as well as our favorite laptop of CES 2021.

Also, on the 1215B, i would ge tthe version with the AMD E350 APU clocked at 1.66 Ghz. The version with the AMD C-50 APU is clocked at 1.0 GHz and also has poorer graphics, as this processor is developed for smaller 10 inch devices. The keys are Apple’s Butterfly design, with short travel and known reliability issues. As for the ports, well, there’s only one, a USB TypeC connector on the left edge, used for charging the device, transferring data, outputting video and connecting peripherals, with the help of dongles and docks.

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