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2016 Honorable Mention Reader’s Favorite Book Awards

“Enjoyed this book so much, I bought the rest of the Series! Great reads and the author keeps finding new twists and turns. Highly Recommend!”


“I have read the whole series of “Pam of Babylon” twice. So that might tell you how great this story is. The story of a family torn apart by a husband’s death and all the details of his secret life is spellbinding! I had read all of the 9 books in the series months ago so when the 10th book came out, I knew I could not read it until I re-read all the series again. And I loved it better the second time. There were so many details that I had missed. But, at the head of the story is Pam, who holds all her family together no matter what they are faced with and they are faced with unimaginable sorrow and scandal. Read this first book in the series and you will rush to get the next one. By the way, Babylon is a small suburb near Long Island, right on the beach. Enjoy!”


“From the first book to the fourteenth book I was hooked. The writing style is perfect. Easy to read and hard to put down. Can’t wait for number 15 and praying for a 16, 17, etc!!”

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