best book trailer

cinematic book trailers

cinematic book trailers

What’s next?

Okay, you’ve just produced a kick-butt video book trailer.

Now what?

In order for you to get the best ROI on your investment, try these terrific, proven tactics:

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Use social media posts

  • Send it out far and wide as a FaceBook post or Twitter tweet – encourage “likes”
    • Make the link the last line in the post or tweet (opens a small video player)

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Post YouTube links

  • Go viral on YouTube by getting friends and contacts to share the link and “like” liberally
    • Keep it visible during promotion by pinning it to the top of your social media pages.


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Put it on your home page

  • Having your book trailer on your website home page can increase the length of time visitors remain on your site by up to 88%.

best book trailer

Emails work great

  • Send it as a clickable attachment right in the body of your emails (opens a small video player)
    • Email your list of readers using this technique

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Add it to your signatures

  • Put a link to the trailer in email and forum signatures (i.e., Reddit, Goodreads)
    • Make the link the last line or hyperlink a “Click Here” prompt in the body of the note

best book trailers

Target prominent bloggers

  • Target bloggers in your genre(s) and suggest they run the trailer along with a review
    • Ask bloggers about doing a guest post – use your trailer link in the About section at the end


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