The Fine Print

 The Fine Print

Well, if you’re on this latest no deposit casino bonuses uk, you’re probably wondering: What’s the catch?

It’s a very small one:

Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play australian online casino sites. Increased odds for winning! Our book trailers come to you with free music and images already embedded — drawn from our royalty-free well. If you’re satisfied with our first pass (and most folks are), we just send an MP4 file that you can upload to YouTube, or to your Amazon Author page (with a link from your book’s description page).

We’ll even do up to two rounds of revisions at no extra charge.

But sometimes your trailer will call for a special song or image that’s not royalty-free.

Or, possibly, you want a professional voiceover. (We can provide male or female voiceover talent at a reasonable extra cost).

For these extras we tack on (with your input and explicit okay) just the cost of those items, which is generally very reasonable:

  • Music: $20 to $50 per track —  sometimes free — check YouTube
  • Images: $10 and up (including video clips) — also sometimes free
  • Voiceover: $25 and up

That’s it.

Ready to move ahead with your unique Book Trailer?

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You will get a confirming email that we received your request, and another letting you know when to expect receipt of your book’s video preview.

The Cost?

The lowest anywhere for a compelling, cinematic book trailer.

Only $139.95

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NOTE: Since each book trailer is hand-crafted, during peak times the wait can be up to 4 weeks or longer. Please be patient. Your video will receive special attention and care to make it exactly right.

Got a question? Contact us: [email protected]

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