Three Book Trailers That Went Viral!

Three Book Trailers That Went Viral!

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If there’s one thing you really want your video book trailers to do, it’s go viral.

That’s when someone recommends a YouTube posting, Likes and passes a Facebook post along to friends and contacts or ReTweets a posting with a video link.

It happened to two of’s clients recently — and it can happen to you!

These weren’t 60-second teasers, either. The shortest is 2:11 and the longest is a staggering 3:59.

Who says you can’t hold a viewer’s attention for longer than 90 seconds?

If the cinematic presentation of the book’s essence is compelling enough, people WILL watch it all the way through — and order the book at the end.

Below are the trailers in their entirety — just as they appeared on Facebook, Twitter and in shared emails around the world.

The power of video

That’s the power of video — it can transcend the written word, but ultimately drive buyers to purchase your title.

Both these authors reported a rise in sales of more than 20% in the last month.

Give us a try. Order your book trailer today. And be the first to go viral next month!

The Sword of Telemon — 2,449 views in 4 weeks

The Ishtar Cup — 1,167 views in 4 weeks

Rise of the Good Wolf — 225 views in 4 weeks

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